How agents can make more money with pre-listing inspections

More verified home information before a sale eases buyers’ minds and supports higher listing prices It’s no secret that certain markets suffer from a persistent lack of inventory. In these areas facing tight supply, what is the best way for agents to provide value to homebuyers and sellers? One commonly overlooked, but cost-effective way to… Read more »

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Our homes harbor more than just our families and possessions. Home is also where pollutants, allergens, and other irritants accumulate and thrive, with possible harmful effects on our health. There are simple steps homeowners can take to improve the air quality in their home and increase their comfort and well being. HANDLE HUMIDITY High humidity… Read more »

Fresher Cut Flowers

Go ahead and cut those gorgeous garden flowers. Snipping a few blooms here and there is actually good for flowering plants and will allow you to savor the fruits of your labor both indoors and out. Cut them in the morning. That’s when stems are most firm and full of water, so blooms won’t wilt… Read more »

Deck Guard Rails

Guard rails keep you safe on your deck. The point is to keep people including young children from falling from the deck. Guards are required for decks higher than 30 inches from the ground. In some municipalities, a guard is required for a deck that is 24 inches from the ground. The specifics of a… Read more »