Sick House Syndrome

  What Is Sick House Syndrome, and What Causes It? Sick House Syndrome occurs when a house can’t “breathe” and rid itself of indoor pollutants, resulting in poor indoor air quality – a “sick house.” Inadequate ventilation allows these pollutants to build up, causing potential health risks to the home’s occupants. Young children, the elderly, and… Read more »

Back to School – Already? A Survivor’s Guide

  Back to school season can be both exciting and stressful for children and parents. New teachers, new classmates, starting in a new school – this can all seem overwhelming and even a little scary. Here are some practical ideas for getting the new school year off to a positive start. Chances are you and… Read more »

Top Tips for Added Value: Interior

  Many home sellers overlook easy and relatively inexpensive fixes and upgrades that not only increase visual appeal, but may also add real value to a home’s selling price. While major remodeling is costly and may not address the needs and tastes of prospective buyers, these maintenance and update suggestions have universal appeal and may… Read more »