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Radon gas is produced by decaying uranium, thorium, or radium beneath the soil. It is radioactive and found almost everywhere, including in your area. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it’s nearly impossible to detect the presence of radon until the diagnosis of dangerous health issues like lung cancer. The ideal way to know is with professional radon testing from Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™.

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ in your area use the most advanced technology and education to assess homes for radon gas. Our inspectors work effectively and empathetically to help people test this silent killer's risks and various points of entry then develop a proper mitigation plan. If you’re listing, purchasing, or currently living in a home without a radon inspection, you could risking the health of yourself and others.

Is Radon Testing Necessary?

Radon is a contaminated particle that often escapes the soil from decaying radium. The gas dissipates in the surrounding environment but will likely enter into residences from the ground floor through:

  • Gaps in the foundation
  • Transferred accumulation of gas in basements and crawlspaces
  • Tiny gaps behind walls and flooring

Homes and commercial buildings with basements and crawl spaces are more at risk of dangerous levels of radon. Tasteless, odorless, and colorless, the only way to detect its presence is through professional radon testing.

While radon was discovered over a century ago, it wasn’t known to be so abundant inside buildings until by accident in 1985. An engineer at a newly built facility was found to be contaminated with a radioactive substance before the plant’s reactor had ever been fueled. Investigations and studies soon uncovered radon was a global problem.

Is Radon Inspection Recommended For My Residence?

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ is the top-rated service provider of radon testing in your area and the nation. The radon inspector we send to your home is E&O insured, expertly trained, competent, and shares our values of being empathetic to every homeowner’s needs and security. Our goal is to provide people and their families peace of mind by delivering accurate data on the presence of radon so they can list, buy, and live in their homes confidently.

A radon inspection will help you to create a remediation plan. There are many available materials and resources for homeowners in your area to alleviate the impact of radon. Knowing the amount of this radioactive gas in your house and where it is likely seeping in with accurate data from a professional radon inspector, will help you know the appropriate steps to take.

Radon Inspection From Pillar To Post™

Gain peace of mind with industry-leading radon inspection from Pillar To Post™ in your area. Your radon inspector from Pillar To Post™ is E&O insured, deeply knowledgeable, and delivers detailed reports to property owners. Effectively evaluating for high radon levels is complicated but helpful for helping homeowners and real estate professionals to develop effective mitigation strategies. The Pillar To Post™ processes and innovative technology are valued for competence and accuracy.

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The best security against the hidden dangers of irradiated gas in your area is with radon testing from Pillar To Post™. Get trusted evidence to help take steps against this dangerous threat and give you and your family peace of mind. Find out more about how radon testing is one of the simplest steps you can take to make your home safer by booking an inspection online or calling us at 800-294-5591.

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