Why should you trust Pillar To Post™?

Pillar To Post™ believes that a home inspection is a crucial step in each and every homeownership story. A home inspection is designed to assess the home you are considering buying. From the roof to the foundation and everything in between, Pillar To Post’s™ home inspectors will evaluate the overall condition of the home and provide you with a detailed report.

Our Real Estate Agent Alliances

Pillar To Post™ is proud to be an approved supplier with some of the largest, most reputable real estate and relocation companies in North America.

Choose Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™

Home inspections by a licensed inspector from Pillar To Post are the best option for your home inspection. Each of our inspectors carries the required licensure for your area and uphold our company’s exacting standards for quality. When you have your home inspected by a professional Pillar To Post™ inspector, you have the best.

Have the knowledge about a home ahead of time.

  • Become aware of any issues in a home prior to closing
  • Real estate law varies from one city to the next, so the home buying process changes accordingly
  • Address any issues prior to moving in to your new home
  • A home inspection is a good investment
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Our Home Inspectors Are always at Work for You

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ believe you should have every opportunity to familiarize yourself with a property prior to purchasing it. That way, you understand the home’s true condition. For this reason, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ invite you to come along during the home inspection process. This allows you to ask your home inspector any questions you have and see your home inspector at work for you.


Pillar To Post™ inspectors are the preferred choice for home inspections among real estate agents. Our knowledge, efficiency, and reputation set us apart from others, while our unbiased, accurate and reliable inspections enable us to be trusted by major real estate firms across North America.


Pillar To Post™ Home Inspections insures all their professional home inspectors. Insurance protects you and the home inspector against claims of damage or injury which may occur during a home inspection. Each home inspector with Pillar To Post carries Professional Liability Insurance.

Highest Standard

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ undergo rigorous training and adhere to official and proven procedural guidelines. We make it a point to ensure each of our home inspectors fully align with Pillar To Post’s™ ethical standards. Pillar To Post’s culture is that of honesty, transparency and good, thorough work.

Expert Reporting

You know you are receiving the best home inspection with the extensive training Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ go through. Partner that with our full reporting services, and you have the very best around. At the end of your home inspection, your Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector will provide you with a full report, complete with photos, and includes objective observations which capture the conditions of the home.

Repair Costs For Any Home Can Be Unpredictable

The Pillar To Post™ Residential Construction & Remodeling Cost Guide puts the estimated costs to upgrade or replace the major systems and components in a typical home at your fingertips.

View Estimated Cost Though Pillar To Post’s™ Residential Construction & Remodeling Cost Guide.

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