Introducing PTP360, an interactive 360° virtual tour of the home!

This innovative new feature provides an interactive 360° virtual tour to help you get to know the home. This is especially valuable if you are unable to attend the home inspection in person. All offices are independently owned and operated. PTP360 is offered by participating locations only. Contact your local Pillar To Post™ Home Inspector to learn more.

What's Included in a PTP360 Virtual Tour?

  • Key findings from the inspection can be viewed directly from within the tour
  • Revisit the home anytime from your smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Share the tour with family and friends
  • Receive a measured FloorPlan of the entire home, with room measurements to help with furniture fit and placement with the purchase of our Premium or Prestige home inspection packages.

Tour Your New Home Through Any Device with PTP360

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ is always looking for new ways to make things better for you when it comes to their home-buying journey. Not only do we maintain the highest standards when inspecting a home, but we also look for ways to provide you with the most valuable information about your new home.

As part of our ongoing superior customer experience, we now offer PTP360, an interactive, virtual home inspection tour of your house. This exclusive Pillar To Post product is the newest way for you to have as much valuable information as possible about your future home. Our 360° virtual tour can be used alongside both your printed and digital report. Your tour helps you get to know the property at your convenience. That way you can make a confident decision about buying a home.

What is the Benefit of a Virtual Report?

Our inspectors look forward to meeting you at the home inspection to learn more about the property so that you can ask questions. However, we understand you might not be able to attend the inspection, so PTP360 is an excellent solution. That way you can revisit the property anywhere and anytime from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Since flexibility is important for you, we offer three different home inspection packages. These all include PTP360 and you can select the range of services you need.

Delivered within 24 hours based on a 3,000 square-foot home or less. Larger homes require more time. After the completion of the home inspection, your PTP360 tour will include:

  • A report of the inspection that lists the condition of the property
  • Recommendations on what needs to be fixed
  • Measured FloorPlan of the entire home is available with the purchase of our Premium or Prestige home inspection packages
  • And more

You can share your virtual tour and report with friends and family to review the layout of each room. This kind of feature allows you to see how your furniture will fit, which makes it easier to plan for a smooth move. Key findings that your Pillar To Post™ home inspector uncovers can be viewed directly within the tour and includes navigation hot spots for virtually moving around the home.

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We Look Forward to Working With You

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors™ continue to create innovative services to meet your needs. PTP360 is the newest offering that makes delivering valuable information easier.

Home Inspectors you can Rely on

Pillar To Post™ inspectors are E&O insured, highly trained, deliver detailed reports and take pride in helping you make clear decisions when buying or selling a home, ensuring confident home ownership.