Entrance Shadow

Transforming your foyer from a dumping ground into a grand entrance is easy! Here are a few ways to create an amazing first impression in an area that typically will experience a lot of wear and tear:

1. Clear Clutter – A chaotic looking hallway will turn people off so remove clothing that is no longer in season. Organize hats and scarves in stylish baskets and stack footwear in an orderly fashion.

2. Lighten Up – Foyers are usually fairly dark so clean light fixtures and use a brighter bulb to cast more light. Painting the walls a light shade will open up the area and with a strategically placed mirror it will create the illusion of additional space.

3. Add Some Style – Check out antique markets or yard sales for unique pieces of furniture. A small bench for guests to sit on while taking off their shoes works well for larger areas while a small table to catch keys is perfect for compact spaces.

4. Spruce It Up – Breathe some life into your gloomy hallway by adding a few plants and even fresh flowers.