Adding Value with Home Repairs

Pre-sale Home Repairs Can Add Value

When selling, your clients should consider some easy and relatively inexpensive fixes that can increase buyer interest and boost the selling price. While major remodeling is costly and may not address the needs and tastes of prospective buyers, these repairs and maintenance suggestions have universal appeal and may help a home sell more quickly – and for a better price.


  • Bathrooms and the kitchen should be given a deep cleaning. Consider hiring a cleaning company that offers “move in / move out” cleaning services to do the job.
  • If kitchen cabinet exteriors are in bad shape, refacing may be an option. Far less expensive than new cabinet boxes, refacing can give the cabinets new life and can visually update a kitchen. If refacing isn’t a practical option, a quality paint job can provide a fresh look as well.
  • Consider replacing kitchen or bathroom counters with a neutral-colored laminate surface if the current material is badly worn or stained. This gives everything a fresh look and prevents potential buyers from focusing on an eyesore.
  • Fresh paint on the walls and ceilings will do wonders for all rooms in the home. Stick with neutral colors so that buyers aren’t distracted by colors that make a strong statement. They’ll be able to imagine themselves and their furniture in the space much more easily.
  • If carpet is covering hardwood floors that are in good shape, consider having it removed to expose the hardwood. Hardwood floors are desirable, so show them off! If carpet is staying, it goes without saying that it should be thoroughly cleaned.


  • If the entire exterior needs painting, have it done. Buyers notice if paint is faded and peeling, and this can reflect negatively on the home overall. If the paint is in good shape in general, renew the doors and trim with a fresh coat.
  • Clean the windows inside and out so they sparkle. It’s amazing what a difference this can make in a home’s appearance. Hiring a professional window cleaning company is the easiest and safest way to get the job done on a multi-story home.
  • Clear clutter from the yard, keep the lawn mowed, and trim any overgrown shrubs that detract from the home’s appearance. A fresh layer of bark mulch around shrubs is inexpensive but conveys neatness. First impressions are key, of course, so the home should look well maintained even at first glance.
  • Pots of bright, colorful flowers along the entry path and by the doorway add a welcoming touch.

It’s usually best for homeowners to save major remodeling projects – and the budget required – for their new home, not the one they’re about to sell. But implementing some of the steps above can increase the appeal to prospective buyers without a huge investment in time or money, getting your clients on their way to their new home sooner.