How to Avoid Halloween Hazards


If you’re welcoming ghouls and goblins to your door this Halloween or taking your kids for trick or treating, everyone will have even more fun when care is taken to reduce holiday hazards. Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Keep pathways and porches well lighted for easy navigation. Look for and remove any tripping hazards such as garden hoses and low potted plants that children may not be able to see.
  • Never use candles as outdoor decorations. People, costumes and pets can easily knock them over and cause a fire. Use small battery-operated lights instead. There are some that look just like small votive candles and provide the same effect without the flame.
  • If using decorations such as dried corn stalks or straw bales, be sure to keep them away from any flames or other possible fire sources.
  • Trick-or-treaters should use flashlights to guide their way from home to home. This will also help them be more visible to drivers. Stick to familiar neighborhoods, and visit only homes where the lights are on.
  • Be sure that any costumes are labeled as flame resistant. This makes them safer, but does not mean they are completely flame proof. Avoid overly long and loose sleeves, and be sure the length allows the child to walk normally.
  • Make sure masks fit properly and allow the wearer to see clearly. Alternatively, face paint is a good option for a safe and fun disguise.
  • Children should refrain from eating their goodies until a parent can examine the treats for opened or damaged wrappers or any off-limits ingredients.

When driving, be on the lookout for trick-or-treaters that may dart out into the street unexpectedly. Drive slowly and cautiously, and make sure your headlights are on.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Pillar To Post Home Inspectors!