Living With My Home

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HOME – THE EASY WAY How should homeowners budget for new kitchen cabinets or to replace that old garage door? Want to research energy-efficient replacement windows? Need to unclog a toilet, but don’t have a plunger? Now there’s one place where they can find out all this and more! Pillar To… Read more »

Don’t Throw Money Out The Window

With heating and cooling costs continuing to rise, it makes sense to look at one of the leading causes of energy inefficiency in the home: the windows. Installing energy-efficient windows can mean increased comfort as well as savings on utility bills in any climate. The transmission of air and light is generally the most important… Read more »

House Friend Yard and Garden

Spring and summer are when yards and gardens retake their rightful places at the center of attention. This month, Pillar To Post takes a look at several steps that homeowners can take to make their outdoor spaces and their home live compatibly. Keep water away from the house Be sure that the ground slopes away… Read more »

Pillar To Post Newsletter July 2012

Pillar To Post welcomes your comments and concerns. You can contact us: Click Here We all have pessimism ingrained into our persona; and if we let it rule our lives, our accomplishments may be more limited. Not everything in life is great or rosy or always upbeat, but always try and keep your inner belief… Read more »