Pillar To Post's Culture Nurtures Success for Franchise Business Owners

Embark on a transformative journey with Pillar To Post, where we specialize in turning aspiring entrepreneurs into accomplished leaders in the home inspection industry! Our franchise model is not just unique, it's a proven pathway filled with robust support systems and innovative tools designed to set you up for success right from the start. Discover how our nurturing company culture and strong community foster an environment where each franchise business owner can thrive and build a flourishing business.

Unlocking Potential with Elite Training

At Pillar To Post, we believe that empowering our franchise business owners goes beyond basic training. Our 11-week training program is designed to provide comprehensive education that encompasses industry knowledge, sales training, technical skills, operations, and hands-on business management experience. 

This training is broken into phases:

  • Pre-training: 90-120 hours of online self-paced training, focusing on home inspection basics.
  • Phase 1: Technical/Pillar To Post Orientation
  • Phase 2: Business Leadership Training
  • Phase 3: Sales and Marketing - Pillar To Post Predictable Greatness
  • Phase 4: Ongoing Continuous Learning for the lifetime of the business

Training days are structured with daily sessions from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 3 PM ET, complemented by additional independent study (4 hours per day), including interactive inspection demonstrations, virtual classrooms, practice inspections, and roleplay.

Holt Team photo with 6 people standing in front of a wall that says Victory means a little more here
Team Holt

Franchise business owner Paul Holt from Fayetteville, NC, reflects on this blend of training and discipline: “Becoming a home inspector seemed like the perfect blend of my disciplines. As a soldier, I was trained to look at projects in finite detail, as well as from a macro vantage point. Dedication to the accomplishment of my mission was paramount. I work until the job is done, not when the clock says it’s time to go home. These are the characteristics that have also driven my team’s success with Pillar To Post.” The rigorous training and support provided by Pillar To Post have allowed Paul to transition smoothly from a military career to a successful business owner, showcasing the company's commitment to comprehensive training.

Crafting Local Market Mastery

Understanding the local market is crucial for success in home inspection. We support our franchise business owners with detailed research tools and resources to grasp their specific territory and clientele, enabling them to tailor their services effectively. By crafting targeted marketing efforts and engaging directly with the community, franchise business owners can build a solid customer base and expand their business footprint in meaningful ways. 

Danny Shetter, our 2023 Rookie Of The Year from Amarillo, TX, shares, “When we first started, it was tight, even with having an employee. But man, I'm sure glad that we did it because the numbers and success that we have today, I wouldn't have been able to achieve by myself. Pillar To Post’s system and support have been invaluable in getting us where we are now." Danny's experience highlights how the company's support and resources have been critical in navigating the challenges of a new business and achieving significant growth.

Team Shetter Portrait Photo of two people
Team Shetter

Networking: Building Bridges to Success

Networking is a powerhouse tool for business growth. At Pillar To Post, we leverage our vast network of real estate professionals across North America to enhance our franchise business owners' connections. This strategic networking helps establish our franchise business owners as trusted local experts and opens doors to new business opportunities, crucial for sustaining long-term growth.

Innovative Tools to Set You Apart

Embrace the future of home inspections with Pillar To Post’s cutting-edge technologies, such as PTP360. This exclusive tool offers comprehensive visual summaries and detailed reports, modernizing the inspection process and greatly enhancing client satisfaction. By utilizing these advanced tools, our franchise business owners can offer superior services that clearly distinguish them from the competition. 

Jesse Durham Portrait Photo
Jesse Durham

Jesse Durham, 2022 Rookie of the Year from Fort Worth, TX, highlights the impact of these innovations, “The company fast-tracked new groundbreaking technologies that were in the works and came out with ‘contactless’ inspections and many more programs now known together as The Ultimate Home Inspection. I see things going nowhere but upwards from here in this industry and with this franchisor.” Jesse’s experience demonstrates how Pillar To Post’s commitment to innovation keeps franchise business owners at the forefront of the industry, providing them with the tools needed to deliver exceptional service.

Integrity and Excellence at Our Core

Pillar To Post has been synonymous with integrity and quality for over thirty years. These foundational principles are deeply ingrained in every franchise, ensuring our network maintains the highest standards of service. Our steadfast commitment to excellence has strengthened our reputation and fostered trust and reliability among clients.

Cultivating Community and Customer Engagement

We encourage our franchise business owners to immerse themselves in local community activities and real estate events. Engaging with community members and participating in local events are excellent strategies for raising brand awareness and building a loyal customer base. Pillar To Post's marketing strategies and resources support this active community engagement, ensuring that franchise business owners have what they need to become community leaders.

Dave Dalfino from Livonia, MI, emphasizes the importance of consistency in marketing efforts, “I've had months where it's been painful, but when you make a plan and you stay consistent with it, you have a way of measuring whether you're successful or not because of the support and tools provided by Pillar To Post.” Dave’s story underscores the importance of sustained marketing efforts and how the company’s resources help franchise business owners stay on track, even during challenging times.

Join Our Winning Team and Experience a Million-Dollar Executive Model

At Pillar To Post, while we don’t require specific work experience, we are selective about who we award a franchise to. We are looking for business owners and team builders. Industry experience can be helpful but is not required. We are an executive model, where the owner has full-time involvement in the business but does not have to be a home inspector. The owner is focused on building a local team to scale with at least one million plus in revenue. This model empowers owners to leverage their leadership skills and business acumen to build a successful enterprise, especially with the support of Pillar To Post behind them.

Step forward into a role that's tailored for your success and aligns with your entrepreneurial ambitions. Join the Pillar To Post family and transform your business dreams into reality! With our industry-leading technology, unparalleled support, and robust industry connections, we're dedicated to your success in the dynamic home inspection industry. Contact us today to apply to become a Pillar To Post franchise business owner and start your rewarding journey toward building a successful business.