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The Environmental Protection Agency implores people considering purchasing or selling a home have it inspected for radon beforehand. While not always mandatory by law, performing radon testing can improve your confidence when buying or selling a property, and provide for the security of future residents. A radon inspection from the top home inspection franchise in North America is conducted by highly trained professionals in Lewis, Kansas. The radon inspector utilizes a blend of cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive grasp of home construction to perform a thorough assessment, then conveys the information to you in a concise manner so that you know what steps need to be followed next. A radon test doesn't have to feel like an intimidating task obstructing your house sale or purchase. For effective radon inspection near Lewis, Kansas, contact Pillar To Post™ and give yourself ultimate peace of mind.

How Do I Know if I Need Radon Inspection?

Radon is irradiated gas made naturally by the decay of uranium and radium in the ground. It is colorless, odorless, and flavorless, which renders it challenging to detect without specialized equipment.

The health risks associated with radon exposure are primarily associated with the breathing of radon gas and the decay products it generates. When breathed in, radon can endanger lung tissue and raise the chance of developing lung cancer. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), radon is the second leading culprit of lung cancer after cigarettes and contributes to an estimated 15% of lung cancer fatalities worldwide.

Radon testing is extremely encouraged before selling or purchasing a home in Lewis, Kansas. For sellers, you may be required to report radon inspection results and mitigation efforts. But getting a radon inspection is worth the cost, and as more people acknowledge the hazards of this harmful gas, buyers will appreciate knowing their risks before deciding.

Where Inside Your Household Is Radon Most Commonly Lurking?

Radon gas can be found in any home no matter its age or location. Radon gas leaks into a home through the soil beneath and typically collects in the lower floors. Some of the most common places where radon gas can amass and that a radon inspector will focus on include:

  • Basements and crawl spaces: The most probable location where radon gas gathers are cellars and crawl spaces because of their nearness to the ground. Your radon inspector shall prioritize testing on these spaces and look for cracks and gaps in the structure that permit the gas to penetrate.
  • Ground level: Any part of a dwelling in contact with the ground can be vulnerable to hazardous levels of radon gas. All habitable areas that are on the first floor should receive an adequate radon inspection to guarantee peace of mind.
  • Water wells: Radon has the ability to disintegrate into groundwater and be released into the atmosphere when the water is utilized, hence water sources should likewise undergo radon testing.
  • Sump pumps: Frequently, sump pumps are set up in cellars and crawl spaces to mitigate flooding, however, if they are not properly sealed, they may increase the risk of radon gas infiltrating the home.
  • Building joints: Radon gas can penetrate a home through gaps in building joints, such as where walls and floors meet.

Radon accumulation can vary widely even within the same home, so it's crucial to have competent radon testing done to receive accurate data.

Make the Best Decisions With Trusted Radon Testing

A professional radon inspection can ensure the security and well-being of a home's inhabitants and supply critical information for purchasers and sellers in the real estate market.

Radon testing is typically conducted by placing a specialized radon testing device in the lowest level of a house, like a basement or a crawl space, for a period of several days to several months. The device evaluates the concentrations of radon in the atmosphere, gathering data that is then transferred to a lab for comprehensive examination.

The information collected from a professional radon inspection can offer multiple advantages for homeowners, buyers, and sellers:

  • Homeowners: For homeowners deciding on remodeling their basement or lower level, a radon inspection becomes essential to determine whether radon mitigation measures should be taken before commencing construction. Additionally, conducting periodic radon testing provides peace of mind and ensures the safety of the home's residents.
  • Buyers: Engaging a professional radon inspection before purchasing a home serves as a crucial step to detect potential radon issues. In the event that heightened radon levels are discovered, the buyer can negotiate with the seller concerning the installation of radon mitigation measures prior to completing the sale. This provides peace of mind and allows the buyer to proceed with the transaction with confidence knowing that radon-related concerns have been addressed.
  • Sellers: Conducting a professional radon inspection allows sellers to offer potential buyers with an inspection report, showcasing that the home has undergone radon testing and ensuring transparency throughout the sales process. In the case that elevated radon levels are detected, the seller has the opportunity to take necessary measures to resolve the issue before listing the home for sale. This demonstrates proactive involvement and provides potential homebuyers with the peace of mind knowing that the issue has been acknowledged and mitigated.

Get the knowledge required to make more informed decisions about your investment and peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe. Radon home inspection services by Pillar To Post™ are the most trustworthy and accurate in Lewis, Kansas and throughout the nation.

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Radon is a hazardous, hard to detect gas that can accumulate inside homes, posing serious health dangers to individuals who are exposed to it. Professional radon home inspection can provide accurate results and give homeowners reassurance by knowing if levels have become dangerous and what remedial action to undertake. If you're looking online for a radon inspection near Lewis, Kansas, select the most trusted home inspection company in the industry and call us today to book an appointment that will protect your health and investment.