Obtaining an Expert Radon Inspection Before Acquiring or Listing a Home Is a Great Way To Protect Your Investment

The EPA implores people considering buying or selling a house have it inspected for radon first. While not always compulsory by law, undergoing radon testing can enhance your peace of mind when purchasing or selling a home, and ensure the well-being of future residents. A radon evaluation from the top home inspection franchise in North America is carried out by skilled technicians in Nashville, KS. The radon inspector employs a combination of innovative technology and a deep grasp of home construction to carry out a comprehensive assessment, then communicates the results to you in an easily understandable manner so that you know what steps need to be implemented next. Radon home inspection doesn't need to seem like an overwhelming endeavor obstructing your house sale or purchase. For effective radon inspection near Nashville, KS, call Pillar To Post™ and gain ultimate peace of mind.

Is a Radon Inspection Required?

Radon is a naturally occurring irradiated gas that is colorless, odorless, and flavorless. It is formed by the decay of uranium in soil, rock, and water. Radon gas can penetrate homes and buildings through fissures in the foundation, walls, and floors and can accumulate to harmful levels. Over time, contact with dangerous amounts of radon gas can increase the risk of developing lung cancer, as the radioactive particles inhaled can harm the lungs and lead to the development of cancerous cells.

Radon testing is important because it is the only way to determine if radon gas is present in your house or building. A radon inspection can be performed with brief or long-term devices bought from home improvement stores or professional testing services. Professional equipment used for radon testing will give more reliable measurements. A well trained radon inspector can locate where inside your property or building has high levels of radon gas and recommend steps to minimize the risk of exposure. Overall, expert radon home inspection is the best choice to protect the safety and health of those who occupy your home.

What Portions Inside the House Are Most in Jeopardy of Dangerous Radon Build Up?

Radon gas can accumulate in any house whatever its architectural design or where it's located. Radon gas flows into a house through the soil beneath and typically accumulates in the lower floors. Some of the most common places where radon gas can accumulate and that a radon inspector will deploy testing equipment on include:

  • Basements and crawl spaces: The most probable place where radon gas builds up are cellars and crawl spaces owing to their nearness to the earth. Your radon inspector is likely to concentrate on these regions and look for fissures and gaps in the foundation that enable the gas to penetrate.
  • Ground level: Any part of a home in contact with the earth can be at risk to dangerous concentrations of radon gas. All inhabited spaces that are on the first floor should undergo a satisfactory radon inspection to ensure peace of mind.
  • Water wells: Radon has the ability to dissolve into subsurface water and become discharged into the atmosphere when the water is utilized, hence water wells should also undergo radon testing.
  • Pump systems: Often, sump pumps are set up in cellars and crawl spaces to prevent flooding, however, if they are not adequately sealed, they could increase the potential of radon gas infiltrating the home.
  • Construction joints: The gas can infiltrate a home through openings in construction joints, such as where partitions and floors meet.

Radon permeation can fluctuate greatly even within the same house, so it's important to have competent radon testing done to receive accurate data.

Get the Information Needed To Buy or Sell Confidently

Don't waste time scouring the internet for a radon inspection near me in Nashville, KS -- Pillar To Post™ is distinguished as the top-rated and most competent in the nation. Our radon inspectors make use of state-of-the-art technology and have years of knowledge. We thoroughly review your radon home inspection findings with you in an easy-to-understand manner, allowing you to fully comprehend the situation.

Radon testing by our professionals typically consists of:

  • Placement of radon test devices: A qualified inspector will place one or more radon testing devices on the ground level of your residence, such as the basement or crawlspace. These devices are left in place for a certain amount of time, typically between 48 hours to a week, depending on the kind of device used.
  • Measurement of radon levels: The radon testing devices take air samples, which are subsequently analyzed in a laboratory to determine the average radon concentration in your residence.
  • Reporting of results: Pillar to Post™ will furnish a comprehensive report of the radon inspection results following the completion of the laboratory evaluation. The report will encompass the mean radon concentration in your home and any recommended next steps in case the levels exceed the EPA's recommended threshold.

It's crucial to acknowledge that radon levels can fluctuate over time, so conducting a radon home inspection at minimum every two years is recommended. Additionally, we recommend conducting a follow-up test if the preliminary test results reveal higher levels of radon to confirm the findings and determine if mitigation is required.

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Radon is an irradiated gas that can lead to serious health issues for those exposed to it. With the possibility to induce pulmonary cancer, it is vital to take the necessary steps to safeguard your family from this perilous gas. By arranging a radon inspection with Pillar To Post™, you can gain peace of mind and certainty in the well-being of your home. A radon inspection will allow you to detect and address any radon problems before they transform into a wellness threat for you and your loved ones. Book an appointment today with Pillar to Post™ in Nashville, KS for a professional and comprehensive radon inspection that will keep your family secure.