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The Environmental Protection Agency recommends everyone considering purchasing or selling a home have it tested for radon beforehand. While not always compulsory by law, performing radon testing can boost your trust when purchasing or selling a property, as well as provide for the safety of future residents. A radon assessment from the top home inspection franchise in North America is performed by expert technicians in Towanda, KS. The radon inspector utilizes a blend of advanced technology and a deep grasp of home construction to carry out a comprehensive assessment, then conveys the findings to you in an easily understandable manner so that you know what steps need to be followed next. Radon home inspection shouldn't seem like an intimidating task holding up your house sale or purchase. For comprehensive radon inspection near Towanda, KS, choose Pillar To Post™ and get ultimate peace of mind.

How Do I Know if I Need a Radon Home Inspection?

Radon is a radioactive gas produced as a by-product through the breakdown of uranium in the ground. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it only possible to detect its presence with specific equipment. Radon can seep into homes through fissures in the foundation and other entry points, and with time, contact to high levels of radon can increase the risk of lung cancer.

Competent radon testing is essential for present homeowners and those purchasing or selling a home in the near future. A radon inspection can detect the presence of this toxic gas and measure the levels inside the home. If increased levels of radon are found, steps can be taken to alleviate the problem and lower the risk of exposure to the gas.

For homeowners, testing can provide peace of mind and assist in making informed decisions about how to protect their family's health. For buyers and sellers, a professional radon inspection can be an important part of the overall home inspection process, supplying valuable information about the condition of the home and potentially preventing future health risks. In many cases, radon testing might even be mandatory by law or by a lender as a requirement of a home sale. Performing a radon home inspection is a simple and effective way to help ensure the health and safety of those who ultimately occupy a home. It also provides enhanced negotiating power for those buying or selling homes.

Where Inside The Household Can Radon be Most Commonly Lurking?

Radon can accumulate in all types of structures in contact with the ground, including dwellings, businesses, and learning centers. It is most commonly found in the lower levels, such as cellars and crawl spaces, because these areas are closest with the ground where radon is produced.

Sections of a home where your radon inspector will typically emphasize include:

  • Basements and crawl spaces: As previously stated, radon is most commonly found in the lower levels of a structure, particularly in areas in contact with the ground.
  • Slab-on-grade foundations: Radon can also infiltrate a home through the concrete slab foundation, particularly if the ground underneath has increased levels of radon.
  • Well water: If your home's water supply comes from a well, radon can dissolve into the water and be emitted into the air when the water is used.
  • Building materials: Some building materials used on homes, such as cinder blocks or gypsum boards, can include small amounts of leftover radioactive particles like uranium, which can break down and discharge radon gas.
  • Cracks and gaps: Radon can enter a home through fissures and spaces in the foundation, walls, and floors, as well as through gaps around pipes and other entry points.

Radon testing is the exclusive way to determine if your house has elevated amounts, and the best tool to help you develop remediation methods to lower the risk of contact. The EPA advocates that homeowners perform a radon home inspection biannually and take preventive steps if levels are above the normal threshold.

Make Informed Home Investment Decisions by Picking the Most Dependable Company for Radon Testing

Avoid wasting your time scouring the internet for a radon inspection near me in Towanda, KS -- Pillar To Post™ stands out as the highest-rated and most competent in the nation. Our radon inspectors utilize the latest technology and bring years of experience. We thoroughly go over your radon home inspection results with you in a clear way, enabling you to completely understand the situation.

A radon home inspection by our professionals typically consists of:

  • Placement of radon test devices: A proficient inspector will position one or more radon testing devices in the lowermost level of your house, such as the basement or crawlspace. The equipment is left as is for a designated period, typically between two days to 7 days, depending on the type of device used.
  • Measurement of radon levels: The radon testing devices collect air samples, which are subsequently analyzed in a laboratory to determine the typical radon concentration in your property.
  • Reporting of results: Pillar to Post™ will deliver a comprehensive report of the radon inspection results following the completion of the laboratory analysis. The report will encompass the average radon concentration in your residence and any suggested next steps if the levels go beyond the EPA's recommended threshold.

It's important to acknowledge that radon levels can fluctuate over a period of time, so performing a radon home inspection at minimum every two years is advisable. Additionally, we recommend conducting a follow-up test if the initial test results show elevated levels of radon to validate the findings and determine if remediation is required.

Live Confidently in Your Home Understanding the Risks of Radon and How To Remediate the Issue by Calling Us for Testing Today

Radon is an invisible threat that can cause serious health issues for those exposed to it. With the potential to trigger lung cancer, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to shield your family from this perilous gas. By arranging a radon examination with Pillar To Post™, you can obtain peace of mind and certainty in the safety of your residence. A radon examination will allow you to identify and tackle any radon concerns before they become a health risk for you and your loved ones. Schedule an appointment today with Pillar to Post™ in Towanda, KS for a professional and complete radon examination that will keep your family protected.