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Irradiated gas exposure needs to be concerning for all current and soon-to-be homeowners in Eminence, Kentucky. Radon comes in second after cigarette smoking as the primary cause of lung cancer, and the EPA suggests that every home perform a radon inspection. A skilled radon inspector will use state-of-the-art technology and in-depth understanding of home construction to assess your home or the home you're considering buying for dangerous levels of toxic radon gas. Once testing is finished, you'll receive a detailed and comprehensible report empowering you to make informed decisions that protect your family and investment. Get the contentment and the timely information you need by contacting Pillar To Post™ when searching for professional radon inspection near me.

Is Receiving an Extensive Radon Inspection Necessary for This Area?

Radon is irradiated gas produced naturally from the breaking down of uranium and radium in the ground. It is colorless, scentless, and tasteless, which renders it difficult to identify without specialized gear.

The health risks connected to radon exposure are mainly related to the inhalation of radon gas and the decay products it produces. When breathed in, radon can endanger lung tissue and increase the risk of developing lung cancer. Per the World Health Organization (WHO), radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarettes and is responsible for nearly 15% of lung cancer fatalities worldwide.

A radon evaluation is highly recommended before selling or buying a home in Eminence, Kentucky. For sellers, you may be compelled to report radon inspection results and remediation solutions. But acquiring a radon inspection is worth the cost, and as more people become aware of the hazards of this poisonous gas, buyers will value knowing their risks before deciding.

Where in Your House Is Radon Most Likely Found?

Radon gas can be present in any home no matter its architectural design or where it's located. Radon gas enters into a home from the soil beneath and typically collects in the lower levels. Some of the most common places where radon gas can amass and that your radon inspector will concentrate on include:

  • Cellars and crawl spaces: The most common spot where radon gas builds up are basements and crawl spaces due to their close proximity to the ground. Your radon inspector shall concentrate on these spaces and search for cracks and gaps in the structure that enable the gas to enter.
  • Ground level: Any section of a residence in contact with the ground can be susceptible to hazardous levels of radon gas. All occupied areas that are on the first floor should go through an adequate radon inspection to provide peace of mind.
  • Water wells: Radon has the ability to break down into subsurface water and get emitted into the atmosphere when the water is used, hence water sources should likewise undergo radon testing.
  • Sump pumps: Frequently, pump systems are set up in basements and crawl spaces to mitigate flooding, however, if they are not thoroughly sealed, they could increase the chance of radon gas infiltrating the home.
  • Building joints: The gas can enter a home through gaps in construction joints, for instance where walls and floors intersect.

Radon accumulation can fluctuate widely even within the same home, so it's crucial to have professional radon testing done to receive accurate data.

Maximize Your Home Investment Decisions by Hiring the Most Dependable Company for Radon Testing

A professional radon inspection can ensure the security and well-being of a home's occupants and provide vital information for buyers and sellers within the real estate market.

Radon testing is generally performed by placing a specialized radon testing device in the bottommost level of a home, like a basement or a crawl space, for a period of a few days to a few months. The device evaluates the concentrations of radon in the atmosphere, obtaining information that is then forwarded to a lab for thorough examination.

The data collected from a professional radon inspection can offer several benefits for homeowners, buyers, and sellers:

  • Homeowners: For homeowners deciding on remodeling their basement or lower level, a radon inspection becomes essential to determine whether radon mitigation measures need to be taken prior to commencing construction. Additionally, conducting periodic radon testing provides peace of mind and ensures the well-being of the home's occupants.
  • Buyers: Engaging a professional radon inspection prior to purchasing a home serves as a vital step to detect potential radon issues. If heightened radon levels are discovered, the buyer has the opportunity to discuss with the seller regarding the installation of radon mitigation measures prior to finalizing the sale. This offers peace of mind and enables the buyer to proceed with the purchase with confidence knowing that radon-related concerns have been taken into account.
  • Sellers: Conducting a professional radon inspection enables owners to provide potential buyers with the inspection report, demonstrating that the home has undergone radon testing and ensuring transparency throughout the sales process. If elevated radon levels are identified, the seller can take necessary measures to address the problem prior to listing the home for sale. This demonstrates proactive involvement and offers potential homebuyers with the peace of mind knowing that the issue has been acknowledged and resolved.

Get the data necessary to make better decisions about your investment and peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected. Radon home inspection services at Pillar To Post™ are the highest-rated and most accurate in Eminence, Kentucky and throughout the nation.

Live Peacefully in Your House Understanding the Risks of Radon and How To Remediate the Problem by Booking Testing Today

Radon is an irradiated gas that can lead to serious health issues for people and pets who come into contact with it. With the possibility to induce pulmonary cancer, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions to shield your family from this dangerous gas. By scheduling a radon assessment with Pillar To Post™, you can acquire peace of mind and certainty in the security of your home. A radon assessment will allow you to detect and tackle any radon concerns before they turn into a health threat for you and your family. Arrange an appointment today with Pillar to Post™ in Eminence, Kentucky for a professional and thorough radon assessment that will keep your family safe.