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The nation's leading health agency advises everyone considering buying or selling a house have it tested for radon beforehand. While not always compulsory by law, performing radon testing can improve your confidence when purchasing or selling a home, as well as ensure the well-being of future residents. Radon testing from the top home inspection franchise in North America is conducted by skilled professionals in Alvaton, Kentucky. The radon inspector utilizes a blend of advanced technology and a comprehensive grasp of home construction to perform a detailed assessment, then conveys the results to you in an easily understandable manner so that you know what steps need to be followed next. A radon test doesn't have to feel like an overwhelming endeavor getting in the way of your house sale or purchase. For comprehensive radon inspection near Alvaton, Kentucky, choose Pillar To Post™ and get ultimate peace of mind.

How Do I Know if I Need a Radon Home Inspection?

Radon is a naturally found radioactive gas that is invisible, odorless, and tasteless. It is generated by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock, and water. Radon gas can penetrate homes and buildings through openings in the foundation, walls, and floors and can accumulate to harmful levels. Over time, contact with high amounts of radon gas can raise the likelihood of developing lung cancer, as the radioactive particles inhaled can destroy the lungs and result in the development of cancerous cells.

Radon testing is essential as it is the only means of determining if radon gas is present in your house or building. A radon inspection can be done utilizing brief or long-term measuring equipment purchased from hardware stores or professional testing services. Professional-grade devices used for radon testing invariably provides more accurate readings. A highly trained radon inspector can locate where inside your property or building has elevated levels of radon gas and advise steps to alleviate the risk of exposure. Overall, professional radon home inspection is the best course of action to take to protect the safety and well-being of those who reside in your home.

What Areas of My House Are More at Risk of Dangerous Radon Build Up?

Radon gas can accumulate in any house regardless of its age or where it's located. Radon gas leaks into a house through the soil beneath and typically collects in the lower floors. A few of the most common spaces where radon gas can accumulate and that your radon inspector will concentrate on include:

  • Cellars and crawl spaces: The most common place where radon gas gathers are basements and crawl spaces due to their nearness to the ground. Your radon inspector shall prioritize testing on these regions and inspect for fissures and gaps in the foundation that allow the gas to infiltrate.
  • First floor: Any portion of a residence in contact with the ground can be susceptible to unsafe concentrations of radon gas. All inhabited areas that are on the ground level should go through an adequate radon inspection to ensure peace of mind.
  • Water wells: Radon has the ability to break down into subsurface water and get emitted into the atmosphere when the water is used, hence water wells should similarly be subjected to radon testing.
  • Pump systems: Frequently, sump pumps are installed in basements and crawl spaces to prevent flooding, however, if they are not thoroughly sealed, they may increase the potential of radon gas infiltrating the house.
  • Construction joints: Radon gas can enter a house through openings in construction joints, like where walls and floors intersect.

Radon accumulation can vary widely even within the same house, so it's essential to have competent radon testing done to receive accurate data.

Make Informed Decisions With Reliable Radon Testing

Avoid wasting your time scouring the internet for a radon inspection near me in Alvaton, Kentucky -- Pillar To Post™ has emerged as the highest-rated and most capable in the nation. Our radon inspectors utilize the latest technologies and techniques and possess years of experience. We thoroughly review your radon home inspection findings with you in a clear way, empowering you to entirely understand the situation.

Radon testing with our experts typically consists of:

  • Placement of radon test devices: A skilled inspector will position multiple radon testing devices on the bottom level of your residence, such as the cellar or crawlspace. These devices are left in place for a certain amount of time, typically between two days to a week, depending on the type of device used.
  • Measurement of radon levels: The radon testing devices take air samples, which are subsequently analyzed in a laboratory to determine the mean radon concentration in your property.
  • Reporting of results: Pillar to Post™ will deliver a thorough report of the radon inspection results after the finalization of the laboratory analysis. The report will encompass the typical radon concentration in your residence and any suggested next steps in case the levels surpass the EPA's suggested threshold.

It's essential to note that radon levels can vary over a period of time, so performing a radon home inspection at least every two years is advisable. Additionally, we suggest conducting a follow-up test if the initial test results indicate higher levels of radon to validate the findings and determine if mitigation is required.

Live Confidently in Your Residence Knowing the Dangers of Radon and How To Remediate the Problem by Scheduling Testing Today

Radon is an irradiated gas that can lead to serious health concerns for people and pets who come into contact with it. With the potential to induce pulmonary cancer, it is vital to take the necessary precautions to shield your family from this dangerous gas. By arranging a radon assessment with Pillar To Post™, you can obtain peace of mind and certainty in the well-being of your residence. A radon assessment will permit you to uncover and address any radon concerns before they turn into a medical threat for you and your family. Arrange an appointment today with Pillar to Post™ in Alvaton, Kentucky for a expert and comprehensive radon assessment that will keep your family protected.