Seeking a Competent Radon Inspection Prior To Buying or Selling a Home Is a Smart Way To Safeguard Your Investment

Poisonous gas contamination needs to be concerning for all current and soon-to-be homeowners in your areaNM. Radon comes in second after cigarettes as the leading cause of lung cancer, and the EPA suggests that every home conduct a radon inspection.

A skilled radon inspector from Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors will utilize state-of-the-art technology and in-depth knowledge of home construction to assess your home or the home you’re considering buying for elevated amounts of toxic radon gas. After testing is finished, you’ll receive a detailed and easy-to-comprehend report empowering you to make informed decisions to protect your family and investment. Get the peace of mind and the important data you need by picking Pillar To Post™ when searching for professional radon inspection near me.

When Is Radon Testing Required?

Radon is an irradiated gas generated naturally through the breakdown of uranium in the ground. It is scentless, colorless, and tasteless, which means it's only possible to detect its presence with certain equipment. Radon can permeate into homes through cracks in the foundation and other entry points, and with time, contact to high levels of radon can raise the likelihood of lung cancer.

Dependable radon testing is essential for present homeowners and those purchasing or selling a home in the near future. A radon inspection can detect the presence of this poisonous gas and evaluate the levels in the home. If increased levels of radon are found, steps can be taken to remediate the problem and lower the likelihood of exposure to the gas.

For homeowners, testing can give confidence and help them make informed decisions about how to protect their family's health. For buyers and sellers, a professional radon inspection can be an important part of the overall home inspection process, providing valuable information about the condition of the home and possibly avoiding future health risks. In some situations, radon testing might even be required by law or by a lender as a requirement of a home sale. Attaining a radon home inspection is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help ensure the health and safety of those who eventually reside in a home. It also gives boosted leverage in negotiations for those buying or selling homes.

What Spaces in the House Are More in Jeopardy of Harmful Radon Build Up?

Radon gas can be found in any home whatever its architectural design or where it's located. Radon gas flows into a home through the soil beneath and typically collects in the lower levels. A few of the most common spaces where radon gas can build up and that your radon inspector will deploy testing equipment on include:

  • Basements and crawl spaces: The most probable location where radon gas builds up are basements and crawl spaces because of their closeness to the earth. Your radon inspector shall focus on these regions and inspect for fissures and gaps in the structure that allow the gas to enter.
  • Ground level: Any portion of a dwelling in contact with the earth has the potential to be susceptible to unsafe amounts of radon gas. All occupied spaces that are on the ground level should undergo a satisfactory radon inspection to ensure peace of mind.
  • Water wells: Radon has the ability to disintegrate into groundwater and get emitted into the air when the water is consumed, hence water wells should similarly undergo radon testing.
  • Sump pumps: Frequently, sump pumps are set up in cellars and crawl spaces to prevent flooding, however, if they are not thoroughly sealed, they could increase the potential of radon gas penetrating the house.
  • Construction joints: The gas has the potential to enter a house through openings in construction joints, for instance where walls and floors meet.

Radon permeation can fluctuate widely even within the same home, so it's essential to have professional radon testing done to receive accurate data.

Make Smarter Home Investment Decisions by Picking the Leading Company for Radon Inspections

Don't waste time searching the internet for a radon inspection near me in your areaNM -- Pillar To Post™ Home Inspectors is distinguished as the highest-rated and most capable in the nation. Our radon inspectors utilize state-of-the-art technologies and techniques and have years of knowledge. We thoroughly review your radon home inspection results with you in an easy-to-understand manner, empowering you to completely understand the situation.

A radon home inspection by our professionals will generally consist of:

  • Placement of radon test devices: A skilled inspector from Pillar to Post™ will place multiple radon testing devices in the lowermost level of your house, such as the basement or crawlspace. These devices are left as is for a designated period, usually between 48 hours to a week, depending on the kind of device used.
  • Measurement of radon levels: The radon testing devices collect air samples, which are subsequently examined in a laboratory to determine the average radon level in your house.
  • Reporting of results: Pillar to Post™ will deliver a thorough report of the radon inspection results after the conclusion of the laboratory examination. The report will encompass the typical radon level in your house and any recommended next steps if the levels go beyond the EPA's suggested threshold.

It's important to note that radon levels can fluctuate over time, so conducting a radon home inspection at minimum every two years is recommended. Additionally, we suggest carrying out a follow-up test in the event that the initial test results show elevated levels of radon to validate the findings and determine if remediation is required.

Live Confidently in Your Home Knowing the Dangers of Radon and How To Remediate the Problem by Calling Us for an Inspection Today

Merely searching for a radon inspection in your areaNM is an effective first step for well-informed decision-making and serenity when it comes to your house. Homeowners, sellers, and buyers can all derive benefits from accurate radon testing and thorough reports provided by the proficient inspectors at Pillar To Post™. Radon gas is a grave danger that should be taken seriously, and homes in your areaNM may be at risk. Arrange an appointment for a radon home inspection with the most trusted name in the business by calling your local Pillar To Post™ today.